Our Knitting Moms and their kiddos get Chiropractic care

May 02, 2019 1 min read

Our Knitting Moms and their kiddos get Chiropractic care

I am a bit late with this post as this happened back in January.

One of my good friends Aurelie Belsot an outstanding Chiropractor and member of our community here in Istanbul came to our workshop and offered pro bono chiropractic care to some of our Mothers and their kids.

I am so glad and so thankful for her time! Thank you Aurelie! 

For ALL of those Moms, it was the first encounter with chiropractic care. Made me realise once again, that there are so many things (like medical care or just being able to get a bit pampered and looked for) we take for granted and that so many women have no access to or even the knowledge they exist!  

It was also an opportunity for early detection of scoliosis and other posture problems for their little ones. For the Moms and myself an amazing occasion to discuss work ergonomy, posture, pains and also nutrition. Those moments we spend doing something else than work itself are priceless. 

Here are some pictures from that super cool day.