A very ~controversial~ opinion

April 13, 2019 2 min read

I do not believe in charity! Yes, you heard me well: I am against charity.

But let me elaborate on that a bit more. I am against charity as a stand-alone model to solve the many many social issues we have.

Look! We are in 2019 kids are still dying of hunger, we couldn't solve poverty or homelessness, or gender inequality not even in the USA or any other so-called rich country so I am not even talking about underdeveloped ones. We have today 70 million plus refugees in the world and so on... Those problems are so big in scale that charity alone will not be able to solve them! 

Of curse charity, philanthropy and the whole non-profit, sector is absolutely necessary! Charity is necessary especially in a moment of crises; if people are hungry we have to feed them if people lost all they have because of a natural disaster or worse war we have to shelter them and provide them with basics necessities. That is the human thing to do and I believe that everyone who can, should give to charity. I also admire so much all volunteers and NGOs doing amazing work around the globe. But I also believe that social entrepreneurship and business, in general, has a lot more potential and power to bring fast relieve and fuel change on the ground. 

This is of curse my small personal opinion based on what I could observe during the past 5+ years working here in Istanbul Turkey with underprivileged mothers and refugee mothers. I can tell you first hand that providing those people with job opportunities changes their lives immediately. I can tell you that during all those years and all the people I have met in very difficult conditions, no one wanted or even expected charity and that it is the hardest thing to actually go out there and actually ask for charity! They want to work hard and provide themselves for their families. 

So business and mindful consumerism have the power to change lives! 

This is what motivates me and keeps me going. Our small business has a tremendous impact on those mothers lives, and on their children lives.

And the heroes are you. Yes yes you guys are the heroes of this story; by choosing to spend your $$ with us, not just buying any toy you make an immediate and important impact of those mothers lives. So thank you for supporting our mission

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