Our Story






My name is Izabela I am a mum, founder and the designer behind bebemoss. I am what people could call an accidental social entrepreneur. 

It all started during my long bed rest and complications in my second pregnancy. Knitting, crocheting and other crafts kept me sane during this very challenging time in life. It was my husband who came up with the brilliant idea of selling them online. Demand grew after a while and I was not able to produce by myself all the inventory I needed. 

During the brand creation process, I met a few amazing women who later became part of bebemoss story. Teaming up with Zeynep, we were able to gather a team of talented crafty women to help us make bebemoss products. These women all stay at home mothers, are helping their families while making our products. Most of them live in outskirts of Istanbul and in most cases, they have no other chance to make money.  

So here we were a group of mums crocheting toys and handcrafting other baby gifts, making bears, monkeys and elephants… and oh boy a lot of kids! 

In order to make this work, we had to disrupt the conventional workplace organisation and rules. We empower a mum community to produce toys from our atelier but mostly from their homes.

Yes, our toys are entirely handcrafted in a home environment and not in a factory!

This enables them to better balance their other chores and family life and to actually choose how much and when they work. So that being a mum, a wife and a homemaker does not prevent them from being a professional and earning income to support their families.

So how does it work exactly? Well flexibility is the key; mums come to us learn the pattern and specifics of each model, get their supplies and then can either work in our atelier in groups or simply take everything home with them to crochet as much or as little as they can and want and according to their own schedule, then they bring finished pieces and get paid.

At the centre of our Atelier, you will find a play area, with toys, books and also baby facilities so that all the little ones accompanying their mums are safe and get busy and social but most importantly happy while their mums crochet or wind yarn or learn how to make a new model. 

Yes, yes you heard me well: at bebemoss you come to work with your kid.

Even if we do not have a certification yet we are a truly fair trade company; not only we pay our workers according to our local laws but we make sure we share fairly our margins and profits. 

We are a sociable bunch, not only you can find bebemoss on social media but we created a true and dedicated network of women and mums helping each other, sharing cultures, experiences and know how going way beyond crochet and toy making.

 I hope you enjoy

 Izabela Ersahin

And the knitting mums of bebemoss.com