Delivering Ramadan care packages - World Hunger Day

May 29, 2019 3 min read

Delivering Ramadan care packages - World Hunger Day

There are many things in life we too often take for granted. Food is one of them. I know right? we are in 2019 with all the advancement in tech, agriculture while some parts of the world produce and worst waist so much there are still kids dying from hunger every single day! There are families going hungry even in the richest places in the world!

This year's Hunger day theme is sustainability.

Because ending hunger is only possible when we dive deep into sustainability issues.

Yes ending hunger will be possible only when people ere empowered, take action and become agent of change. We need to stop over-consuming and wasting so much and we need to join efforts to empower other people so that they are able to lift themselves and their communities out of poverty and hunger. 

Seams simple right? Well it's not! In our overly busy lives where nothing is missing, where we are prompted to consume, consume, buy, buy, buy, its not always easy. It's not always easy to think about that child who might be going to bed on a empty stomach when throwing stuff to the garbage... Or take the time to research and buy from companies who support sustainability, are fair trade or simply use a part of their profits to make a difference.

So I too firmly believe that the solution to hunger is not about hand-outs and a top-down approach, but a bottom-up approach that starts with women. I can see it every day out of the 100 women we employ ALL 100 spend their income on food and necessities for their little ones. Providing them with jobs and an opportunity to earn a living wage is what is moving the needle. Ad this is the essence of what we are trying to accomplish at bebemoss every single day. And this is why I will always prompt you to: 

That being said I also believe we should share. 

This year again with your help we were able to buy food packages for our working Moms.

As you may know we are approaching the end of the Holly month of Ramadan. In Turkey it is tradition to share food, people will invite family or neighbours to a meal after the long daytime fasting. It is tradition for companies to send care packages containing food to their employees.

At bebemoss we try to do that every year too, we saved $5 out of every purchase you guys made the past few months and we offered our Moms a nice care package. 

So thank you so so much this wouldn't be possible without you! Thank you for empowering us to be the agent of change.

Here are a few videos and photos.


The logistics of this are always a bit hard. Boxes are heavy and we have different groups of women living in far off places. For instance our workshop in on the Asian side and most of the refugee Moms live on the European side of Istanbul. Rania one of our Syrian Moms and her family's home served as the delivery point. Then the women came to pick them up one by one. Both of her sons helped very much to carry all those boxes. 


You may wander what is inside of the box


Aid Mubarak!