How to Work from Home with your Toddler or Baby

January 05, 2021 3 min read

How to Work from Home with your Toddler or Baby

Working remotely while caring for small children can be tough, but it’s not impossible. You may be wondering how to juggle the responsibilities of parenting and meeting work deadlines without getting overwhelmed. Bebemoss offers four straightforward strategies to help you stay sane, healthy and productive while working from home with little ones.

Plan Ahead

When working from home with a child under 36 months, you can expect to be productive in short bursts around their sleep schedule. Newborns tend to sleep in three- or four-hour stretches during the day. Plan on taking advantage of this time if you can. With toddlers, save your most critical tasks for their naptime. If you have to work while your little one is awake, try to time it for when they’re calmest – such as right after a nap or mealtime.

There are bound to be times that you will have to work when your little one is awake and wants your attention. To prevent yourself from having to scramble midweek, research toys from Bebemoss, go-to games and shared activities ahead of time. When your toddler is old enough for independent play, you can expect to get some work done in short intervals. To help your toddler adjust to this, try using a timer so they know that solo time has an end and they can expect to have your attention again soon.

Share the Load

If you have a partner working at home with you, coordinate your schedules the best you can, and consider sharing feeding responsibilities. Take turns playing with your toddler or baby so that you each get some uninterrupted time during the day. Most importantly, keep the lines of communication open and work together as a team to ease any potential stress.

If you’ll be working from home solo, call on trusted friends, neighbors or family members to help you with some of life’s responsibilities and time-eating errands. Consider services like grocery and meal delivery, as well as strategies that can save you time. If it ever feels like too much, it’s important to reach out to the people in your life or support resources for some help.

Build In Flexibility

Even if your toddler or baby follows a routine, no two days are ever quite the same. Discuss the possibility of flexible hours and deadlines with your employer, and experiment with working during off-peak times (such as before your little one gets up in the morning or after bedtime). If you do your best thinking in the morning, try setting an alarm for an hour or two before your toddler wakes up.

Though it’s helpful to have a designated home office space, it can also help to be flexible about where and how you work. If you have a newborn at home, bouncing or walking can be very calming for babies. You may be able to soothe them to sleep by swaying while you ‘wear’ them in a sling or front-carrier, allowing you to type while standing. Get creative and see what works for you and your little one.

Take Care of Yourself

It’s easy to overlook your own needs when caring for a family and working. Even if it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day for that much-needed ‘me time,’ taking frequent breaks can help. A short walk around the block can refresh your mind, stimulate your child, and provide time to bond.

Don’t underestimate the importance of good hydration and nutrition for your mood and wellbeing. Drink plenty of water during the day, and try to eat a diet that is rich in fresh fruits and veggies. Keep healthy snacks handy and prepped, and consider greens or protein supplements you can add to shakes on busy days. For example, a daily green powder is not only a time-saving addition, but it’s also a great way to boost your immune system and keep your energy level steady.

Working from home with a baby or toddler is undeniably hard. Be kind to yourself if you feel like you can’t do everything – no one can! With the right planning, some flexibility, and support, you’ll find a groove that works for you and your family.


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Blogpost written by Janice Russell from Parenting Disasters

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