Meet Fatima K

May 17, 2018 1 min read

Meet Fatima K

Fatima is 48, Syrian and came to Turkey from Aleppo about 3 years ago. She used to be a teacher in her home country. She is now one of our most talented knitters and the head of our Syrian knitting mother's group; as she not only is very talented in crochet but also speaks good English. The war in Syria took everything from her, her job, her house and all her belongings, she left Aleppo after her house collapsed due to shelling. Despite all, she is a survivor, works hard and always smiles trying to build a new life and future for her and her husband. 

Here are pictures of her destroyed house. 

Fatima's destroyed house Fatima's destroyed house Fatima's destroyed house

Fatima and her team of mothers knit about 50 toys a week, Leo the lion, Atty the bear and Momo the Monkey are handmade by the group of women lead by Fatima.