21 st of June the first World Giraffe Day

June 20, 2014 1 min read

On the 21 st of June 2014 will be celebrated worldwide for the first time the World Giraffe Day. Why the 21st? Well maybe because it is the longest day in Northern hemisphere or the longest night in Southern one and Giraffs are the tallest animals on our planet having also the longest necks of all. 

Its a great initiative of Girafe Conservation Foundation to spread awareness and information about this amazing and so so cute animal. There only 80 000 of them left in the wilde and its time to join forces to protect them.

bebemoss love Giraffes and we have two of them in our toy collection:

bebemoss - zürafa, giraffebebemoss - zürafa, giraffe, toy, oyuncak

Take some time to introduce your kids to this amazing animal, to its life and chalenges. You can find some additional info about the celebration on their facebook page