Custom Orders: Diaper cake

June 06, 2014 2 min read

Looking for a perfect gift for a new baby can be a bit a bit tricky, we want them special and unique and also something the mom to be will use and appreciate.

This is why bebemoss does custom orders. Simply because some of our customers require something special and totally unique they can not find in main stream shops. They come with a picture found on the internet or simply with a list of what and how they want it. It is very challenging and requires lot of creativity. While we do not sell diaper cakes per say, it stays as a very popular gift.

Let me quickly explain what a diaper cake is. Well, it is a clever and one of the most practical baby shower gift, or hospital present perfect for every new mom. It's built of individually rolled or wrapped disposable diapers. Yes yes, those nappies come in very handy as a newborn uses on average 10-12 of them a day!

We arrange the diapers to look just like a cake, then decorating begins. And that is when it gets creative. We add blankets, booties, pretty ribbons, flowers, lots of useful baby care items, bottles, rattles, toys …

An incredible amount of time is spent on the small details. Making the perfect cake it's not just about rolling bunch of diapers and wrapping them with ribbon. We put lots of time, work and hart in each creation to make it unique.

Those are some examples of our recent orders

So there you have it: a practical, unique, 100% usable gift sure to please any new mom. It's a great creative centerpiece idea for a baby shower, gorgeous hospital gift or a charming decoration for baby's nursery.