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Willy the penguin
Michael Carano
Best gift possible

First, beside the obviously adorable character of this stunning and quality stuffed "knitted" cutie pie (penguin), and beyond the fact that I am not stuffing the pockets of shareholders or corporate entities but am instead helping women refugees created by yet another U.S. illegal intervention, the fact is my granddaughter cannot put down her new little friend since getting her "Peter" Penguin mate out the box. Yes, she has named him. She loves him.

Second, buy one for your little precious (or more for precious ones) since the quality of Bebemos knitted animals is unmatched and made out of safe materials. You will see what I mean if you wisely purchase one.

If it sounds like I am a paid contributer, I assure you I am not. It's just that I cannot remember the last time I was so happy with a purchase. Did I mention it's good to help the right people. Bebemos is doing right for the right people. Thank you so much Bebemos. Appreciated!

Rose the Unicorn
The Galeys
Izabela & bebemoss are AMAZING

I have never left a review on a product before but I was so blown away by the ease of Izabela’s customer service and the quality of her product that I had to.

When I received my unicorn I was immediately overjoyed. The attention to detail is unmatched. It is the most beautifully made stuffed toy I have ever seen.
I contacted Izabela before placing my order to ask to add embroidered initials to the stomach area. She replied the same day and let me know they would add the initials and ship my unicorn out the next day!

I was so happy when I received my product (shipping is very fast) I emailed Izabela to tell her how amazing it was and thank her for my lovely customer service interaction with her.

Not only a wonderful product but this company is ran by a wonderful person!!!!
If you’re looking for a stuffed toy this is really the only place you should be shopping.

Leo the lion
Brad Krueger
Perfect companion for our little one.

I searched high and low to find the perfect stuffed animal for my son, and stumbled upon this website while looking. Leo the lion was just too irresistible to pass up. The quality of this animal is outstanding. Very sturdy, yet soft and cuddly. It will be something my son will cherish forever. Thank you for all the hard work and love that is put into these animals.

So happy to support the moms!

Thanks for this opportunity to send a care package to the talented BebeMoss "knitting moms!"

Azalea the Mermaid
marjorie najarian

4 year old granddaughter and mermaid are now besties.
it is beautiful.

Leo the lion
Linda Owens

The care and work that is put into these beautiful keepsakes is beyond words. I love Leo the Lion ! 🙏

Leo the lion
Madelynne Cullen
Leo the lion is so cute

I was very happy with my purchase. Well made and so nice. My Granddaughter loved it.

Peter the rabbit
Donna Pettigrew
Toys are awesome and made well.

I love supporting small businesses that women run,since I'm one too.

Patty the flamingo
Lauren Cannaday

Patty the Flamingo is too cute!! I have 2 of the lions for my kiddos and now my sister is having a baby so I got her the flamingo and it is so precious. I love the technique with the yarn to make her soft and feathery looking. The thick stitching makes it perfect toy for babies and as they grow. They are sturdy and have always survived the washing machine. Cant wait for my niece to be here and give her her new flamingo friend! Thanks bebemoss

Dawn the donkey

I bought this for a friend who’s expecting her first baby soon and she absolutely loves it. I’d previously purchased the Leo the Lion for a different friend’s new baby and it was a hit. I think these make such lovely gifts baby gifts.

Darla the sheep - white
Susan Wright
Darla the Sheep

I was more than delighted with my purchase and have sent it on to a new mum with a baby girl who I’m sure will love it!

Leo the lion
John Spaventa
Great gift for my nephew

From my Sister...Amazing quality. So soft and the perfect size. Our little one loves it. Something he can pass down to his own kids ones day

Gorgeous Cat

My teen daughter loves this guy. The work is handmade and looks high quality.

Leo the lion
Alejandra Cisneros
I have a new MrJones!!!

56 years ago at 4 I lost my adored lion. mr jones. Recently my inner child requested I started looking for a new Mr Jones. I was thrilled that he was handmade by a Syrian mom in Turkey. mr jones is back!!

Niece's Hubert

My niece loves Hubert. The company was very attentive through the purchase and shipping process. Even added an initial to Hubert to customize it for my niece. Exactly what we wanted from the product and organization.

Leo the lion
Rachel Hutcheson
Leo the cutest!

So excited to give Leo the lion to our niece! He is the cutest, and so well made! She is going to love him! Great customer service, shipping was incredibly quick! Love that he helps support mommas!

Arwen the Elf
Arwen the Elf is adorable!

I purchased Arwen the Elf as a gift for my grand-niece who loves him :-) I have purchased many critters from Bebemoss, love them all. The critters are imaginative, well made and just the right size for little people to hug and love. It is an honor to support a women-owned initiative like Bebemoss - keep up the good work!

Rose the Unicorn
Gav Sprake
Absolutely stunning

Hats off to the lady's that made these! I will definitely be getting my other two little girls one. The quality is superb & was delivered very very fast!

Atty the bear - grey
Rafael Colon
Cute bear

The quality is very nice.

Azalea the Mermaid
Sean Mullen
Both gifts for an upcoming baby girl are incredible!

Sent to a close couple that I’m friends with and they’re delighted. Especially the satchel of the elephant. So cute, would definitely purchase again.

Hubert the hedgehog
Ashley Rogers

Hubert the hedgehog is so well made and adorable!! My son loves him! Love that my purchase is helping mothers!

Patty the flamingo
Becky Jones
Love Love Love Her

I am very pleased with Patty the Flamingo. She is beautiful and made so well. You can tell that someone put a lot of time and love into making her. My 3 year old neighbor collects Flamingos and it is something that we give her for Special Holidays. She is going to love Patty I can not wait to see her face when she opens it. Thank you for putting so much love into making her.


High quality, well made, adorable, quick reliable shipping. I will be ordering more for gifts next year!

Missy the fox
Bonnie Giesbrecht

So cute. Well make.

Ruddy the reindeer
Alessandro Giuntini
Ruddy the Sweetest Reindeer

I am really happy to see the fine quality of this lovely handcraft! I am sure my godson will love it!