Meet the Team

Izabela  - Founder and designer

French living in Istanbul Turkey. Mommy to tree little ones and wife to a big one. Founder of the company, designer and running the sales and marketing part of the business.

Zeynep  - Production coordinator 

Mother of an adorable little girl and a baby boy. Zeynep is the heart of our business: head of the production like we call her; she recruits our small hands, supervises them and the assures the multiplication of our products. She is all about handwork and attention to detail.


Jale - Training, Quality control 

The sweetest person on earth she can teach anything to anyone. She is training our Moms, teaching them how to crochet and how to handcraft beautiful toys. 


Didem - Back office and accounting  

Manages Inventory, accounting and invoicing


Zülfiye - Workshop manager and yarn winder

She is our life saviour, she keeps our workshop clean tidy and organized. She spends hours winding the yarn for the knitting Mothers to use and she packs gift wraps with care and expedites all your purchases


...and most importantly our team of the knitting mothers 

A team of dedicated, very talented mostly stay at home mothers from the suburban area of Istanbul who handcrafts bebemoss products. In love with babies, helping to sustain their families, they believe in the importance of preserving our planet and our health.

Our knitting mum community reached almost 80 knitting mums recently, and we are very proud of a collaboration with Small Projects Istanbul Syrian refugee community centre from where 25 refugee mums joined our team. If you are interested in this collaboration read in details here