How to Add Bebemoss to Your Babylist Baby Registry

Congratulations! Expecting a new baby is an exciting time. 

Did you know that you can use a universal registry like Babylist to add products from any store? That includes Bebemoss!

This is a great way to get exactly what you're looking for.

I'll be showing you some examples from my marketing writer's registry in the videos below.

Step 1:

Create a registry on a universal registry website. We'll be using Babylist as a popular example!

Step 2:

Follow registry instructions. Babylist only allows you to add other stores when you are using their app. Navigate to the App Store on your phone and download. If you have content settings, be aware that the Babylist app is rated 17+, so you may have to change your phone settings to download if you have restrictions set.

App Store on iPhone showing Babylist App icon

Step 3:

Log in to your account on the Babylist app. You'll see your registry home page.

Babylist app login page on iPhone

Step 4:

Tap the "Add Items" plus sign icon at the bottom of the screen

Registry page with plus sign in bottom middle on the Babylist app

Step 5:

Type "" in the search bar at the top and search. Or, you can put in the exact URL of the product on our store you want to add! Adding will take you to our homepage within the app

Search on the "Add to Babylist" page in the app


Step 6: 

 Navigate to the product(s) of your dreams, then add them! Watch here as Alexandra adds some of her favorites to her registry.


Search for the product you'd like to add. When you're on the product page, tap the purple "Add to Babylist" button on the bottom right of the page. Choose the quantity, category, and notes. Don't forget to mark "Must have" for your favorites- your Bebemoss toys will make the cutest keepsakes and nursery decor!

I especially love the notes feature. This lets you tell your family and friends if you are set on only that specific toy or if you like a range of items. You can also tell them your preferred size or color when there are multiple options. All of this is saved to your registry in Babylist, so baby shower guests and loved ones can see it just like any other item! 

Adding and editing a Bebemoss product in the Babylist registry app

Step 7: 

When you're done adding items, swipe down on the browser to return to the app.

Step 8:

You can also add Babylist items right from your browser (once you've got the app downloaded and logged in). From the "Add to Babylist" page showing store options, tap the "Enable Share to Babylist" bar at the bottom of the screen. Then tap "Show me how" on the next screen. You'll be prompted to adjust your settings, according to the type of device you have.

Purple bar across the bottom of the Add to Babylist page on the app leads to instructions on how to share items to your Babylist registry from any browser on your phone, not just within the app itself

Here's what it looks like on iPhone after you tap the purple "Enable Share to Babylist" bar.

iPhone example - how to access Share to Babylist from phone browser

Here's what it looks like on iPhone after tapping the purple "Show me how" button.

Tap "Open Settings" on this page to see how to access the Share to Babylist icon when sharing from a browser on iPhone

Here's where the purple "Open Settings" button takes you on iPhone to access the Share to Babylist icon. Tap "More" if needed, then select the Babylist icon.

Adding the Share to Babylist icon on iPhone

Step 9:

Now that your "Add to Babylist" icon is activated from your share settings, you can add any item when browsing.

Navigate to the product page on your browser. Find your "Share" icon. In my browser, this is the arrow in the middle on the bottom of the browser menu. Select the Babylist icon (go to "More" if needed to see it). Then fill out the information the same way you did with the other method. 

You can then navigate to see it in your registry if you'd like!

See Bebemoss products in your Babylist baby registry


Let's look at how to add from Bebemoss from your phone browser. This example is from Safari on an iPhone.

That's it!

In just a few easy steps, you can add anything to your registry, including the perfect toys to inspire imagination and make your space feel beautiful. Your baby shower guests, friends, and family will know exacly what you're looking for. Enjoy!

What will you add to your registry?