Helping children thrive

Would you like to do good with your $?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the thousands of non-profits out there and the process of selecting which organisation to support feels like a daunting task? 

Would you better empower people to help themselves rather than just give them charity? 

If the answer is YES to one or all of those questions you are in the right place! 

bebemoss is a social business with a mission of helping families in need. By supporting our business you make a positive impact on those families. 

We employ 80 women, from underprivileged communities in Istanbul Turkey. Many of those women are Syrian refugees working hard to rebuild their lives.
  • when we provide a job to a refugee mother she is no longer a refugee
  • when you help a mother earn a living wage you can be sure you actually help their children thrive
We asked our knitting moms what are they spending their earnings on and here is the list:
    1. food for their littles
    2. clothes and school necessities for the kids
    3. health care for their children
    4. education and in the case of refugees enabling a mother to earn money in numerous cases prevents the older child to quit school and work 
    5. recreational activities, toys, sweet

    When a Mom joins our knitting family she receives training. It takes her about 5 full days to learn the basics of making bebemoss toys. During the training, we will teach them the specific recipe to one or two of our toys and hygiene rules necessary. We developed a method so that those skills can be acquired by women who cannot read and write or even who don't speak our language.

    The mother will start making money almost immediately as even during her training she will be compensated for the pieces she produces.
    Did you know that $100 gets a family of 4 the basics fruit and vegetable needs for the whole month? 
    We donate a $ amount of each sale made on this website to found programs supporting children and we partner with NGO's to bring more to the community
    Beacause we know those families so close, we know their lives their homes and their kiddos. We learn their challenges and their needs they have we are able to partner with local NGO's to bring them additional help.
    We love supporting educational programs for the kids but also we love to open the doors of our workshop for additional training for the mothers. Here are a few examples of what we were involved with:
    - training on how to feed a family well while on a budget
    - financial literacy training and micro savings groups
    - back to school must-haves for the kids
    - swimming lessons for the children



    “Children are the world’s most valuable resource, and it’s best hope for the future”

    John F Kennedy