Rose the Unicorn

Rose is studying to be a doctor. She loves helping people and is always taking care of her friends.

Books with Unicorns:How to Catch a Unicorn, Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great, You are my Magical Unicorn

Fun Fact about Unicorns: Unicorn horns are fabled to heal wounds and cure sickness

Customer Reviews

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Michael Carano
Rose the Unicorn to the Rescue

Bought Rose the Unicorn for a friend's daughter who was struggling with the transition back to school after COVID. She loved little Rose immediately, and though I don't want to overreach on the the reason for the little girl slowly adapting to school days, I think Rose helped alleviate her fears since she had a new mate at home.

The quality of Rose is impeccable, as are all of the little creatures made by the caring people of Bebemoss. As I have said on previous purchases from Bebemoss, as a consumer you cannot beat the good karma one gets from doing good for the emigré women from Syria and the good one does when sharing these fine products with others.


Anthony Lusaya
Too cute!

Too cute!

The Galeys
Izabela & bebemoss are AMAZING

I have never left a review on a product before but I was so blown away by the ease of Izabela’s customer service and the quality of her product that I had to.

When I received my unicorn I was immediately overjoyed. The attention to detail is unmatched. It is the most beautifully made stuffed toy I have ever seen.
I contacted Izabela before placing my order to ask to add embroidered initials to the stomach area. She replied the same day and let me know they would add the initials and ship my unicorn out the next day!

I was so happy when I received my product (shipping is very fast) I emailed Izabela to tell her how amazing it was and thank her for my lovely customer service interaction with her.

Not only a wonderful product but this company is ran by a wonderful person!!!!
If you’re looking for a stuffed toy this is really the only place you should be shopping.

gavin sprake
Absolutely stunning

Hats off to the lady's that made these! I will definitely be getting my other two little girls one. The quality is superb & was delivered very very fast!

Jill Auger
Rainbow unicorn

My niece wants a rainbow unicorn for Christmas and I think this will deliver! Rose is so cute and I'm so happy to support this fantastic business. This is a very well made product.