What is the International Day of the Girl Child for?

October 11, 2018 2 min read

What is the International Day of the Girl Child for?

Since 2012, 11th of October has been marked as the  International Day of the Girl Child by the United Nations. What exactly is that and why do we need a day like that? 

The day aims to highlight and address the needs and challenges girls across the globe (not only in developing countries!) face;  like child marriage, gender-based inequality, violence and many others problems to fulfil their human rights. This day is dedicated to girls empowerment. 

So how do we achieve change? Well, awareness is the first step! 

Did you know: 


Each year a theme is chosen to highlight a challenge. This year we focus on entrepreneurship as we need to address increasing female unemployment rates across the globe in addition to tackling gender bias that may stop women from pursuing certain career paths.

How do you help? 

Well, support initiatives promoting education, employment and women and girls rights in general. Here are some great examples Malala Fund, Girls Not BridesShe's The First and Camfed. There are many more of the curse. 

Go buy products made by women artisans, there are so many amazing ones out there including bebemoss toys 

You can be sure that the income made by those hard-working women is ALWAYS used towards caring for their children!

At an individual level, getting involved also largely centres around spreading awareness, something the UN encourages people to do via social media under the hashtag #DayOfTheGirl. 

Turkey, where the production of our adorable plush toys takes place, is one of those countries where challenges are great and there is so much to be improved. On this day my heart goes of a curse to all the girl children from our Mom community and to all the Mothers working so hard to provide them with a better future!