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Our First training with the Syrian mum grup

January 31, 2017 1 min read

Our First training with the Syrian mum grup

I want to share with you, our first training session with our Syrian refugee mum group at the Olive Tree Centre in Istanbul. We will start them as soon as possible to produce some of the toys of our line. I would like to share with you the emotion and the utmost joy this day brought us! We met about 20 mums, all very dedicated and smiling and working very hard to learn how to make bebemoss softies. 

Despite the language barrier we connected. I am not surprised being a mum, one working to sustain their family is just universal no matter your culture religion or background... That was one of those days I want to shout out loud I love my job, I love my job! Those moments are the confirmation of how much our efforts are worth it and how much a social enterprise is a lot more fulfilling than any other business. Have a look by yourself. Ohh yes For those who did not know I am 7 months pregnant now, so its quite normal I do look like a balina ... he he he