Making an impact, our goal for 2019

January 03, 2019 2 min read

Making an impact, our goal for 2019

So it's that time of the year when usually people reflect on the one that just passed and make goals for the one that just started.

For me, 2018 was a crucial year where I really found myself and started to understand what motivates me and drives me in my life. I had the opportunity to actually stop, reflect and analyse my thoughts motivations and actions a few times during this past year. I was interviewed, filmed and had the privilege of speaking publicly giving me that amazing opportunity of a retrospective work. You know when you are an entrepreneur and a mom of 3 life gets just so busy so nosy that you barely get a chance to hear yourself. It's just a series of Go! Go Go!  Well, this past year I was asked so many times that I had to dig into my soul and had to actually come up with not so boring answers.

People most frequently ask so what do you make? And of course, we make organic crochet stuffed animals. But that is not it! What I really want to do is making an impact. What motivates me, what drives me every day is to get up and do things that have a positive impact on people. This beginning of 2019 I realised that what I do is making an impact. This is what defines me as a person and defines my business.

We are a mission first business. Unlike most businesses, our company is centred on a socially impactful mission: helping mothers in need by providing flexible work opportunities. And it goes further than that, what we are really after is to improve the livelihoods of those families and especially the lives of the kids. Although our goal is to generate revenue, and yes we do operate as a for-profit enterprise but the emphasis is ALWAYS on making a positive change. We use growth as a means of making a larger impact. 

Now how do we make it better, bigger? How do we measure impact beyond the obvious? How do we set goals to make our impact larger? Are still points and metrics we will have to work on.

For now, let's set a very simple one in 2019 we will employ 100 mothers by integrating more Syrain refugees ones into our bebemoss family. Because when we provide a job to a refugee mother she is no longer a refugee!