How to care for your kid's stuffed toys

April 10, 2015 2 min read

Caring for the tones of toys in our kids rooms can be sometimes challenging but is also a very essential routine to keep our little ones in good health. For many families dust mites are the big enemy of the household. And no matter the kind of stuffing used in your toy (poly, wool, cotton you name it) those cute bears and giraffes are like sponges and can become very quickly mite kingdoms. But exterminating mites and keeping your house hygienic does not have to involve detergent or any harmful chemicals.

Here are a few simple and effective tricks and tips about caring for your kid's stuffed toys in a natural way.

– wash them often and/or dry them at high temperatures (but be aware not all stuffed toys will survive this treatment so check labels and care recommendations and proceed accordingly) toys for example can be hand washed in its better to dry them just lying them flat to keep them fluffy and soft longer. Use gentle natural soap and avoid any softeners.

– freeze them (if your kids favorite toy can only be spot cleaned and if it is full of stuffing, you leave it overnight in deep freezer to eliminate all mites trapped inside). This works good for allergic kids in addition to regular washing.

– if you leave baking soda for 3 or more hours on the surface of a bed for example mites will die (this works well for mattresses carpets and other surfaces you can not really wet) after just vacuum the powder.

– you can spray with a mixture of tee tree oil and water on toys, carpets, curtains. It smells fresh and disinfects.  

– you can wipe clean your toys with a mixture of vinegar and baking soda


... your little ones can now hug and snug with their softies  :)