Our Team: Türkan Ceylan

January 07, 2015 1 min read

We would like you to meet Türkan Hanım one of our very talented and hard working knitters

She has joined our knitter team almost a year ago. In her thirties, she is married and a happy mother of two girls. She was initiated to crafts and especially knitting, crochet and sewing by her grandmother when she was still a kid, at around age 7 in the province of Giresun. 

Now living in Kurtkoy one of the suburbs of Istanbul, she became one of our pillar knitters working almost full time. Or let me rephrase it to be more clear doing the workload of a full timer while taking care of her household and family.

She learned how to crochet toys and making amigurumi from scratch when she decided to join our team. Always happy and energetic she always joins our working sessions with her toddler girl and its a pleasure to have them both :)